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Praise God for this Delightful “7-Up Pound Cake”!!! I had the opportunity to bless my family and I with this delicious pound cake! The presentation alone that featured dripped icing with sugar sprinkles alone will truly intrigue you every time you go to cut a healthy slice. Even after refrigeration the cake still maintained its wonderful taste. Therefore if you are a pound cake lover and would like to try something different – make sure you try Bernie Richardson’s “7-Up Pound Cake”. Since that was so delicious I can’t wait to try all of what she has to offer through her Baked goods! Thank you Mrs. Richardson for helping increase our Christmas experience with this cake and I look forward for all of your delights to come! Continued Blessings!

Nicholas Briley, The Professional Taste Tester

I want to give a special thanks to Ms. Bernie for creating an AMAZING cake for my son’s 5th birthday! She literally brought the vision to life! Everyone raved about how moist and amazing the cake was…there was nothing but crumbs left lol!!! If you all are looking for a custom cake design please consider Bernie’s Baked Goods. She will not disappoint! 

Nkyesha S. Nicholas

I have quickly become her #1 fan!

Cameo Fox

I’m currently trya save these for tomorrow but idk if that’s gonna happen… Bernie’s Baked Goods these are amazing!!! So soft and flavorful!!! Support local business, she’s been making baked goods for 18+ years! How amazing 💛 thank you again!

Kimberly Gomez

Bernie has been truly a blessing for my family the baked items are delicious. .cheesecake bar and the pound cake are my favorites..
“Year in and Year Out I order one of Bernie’s Fruit Cakes for the office Christmas party, my co-workers are upset with me because the cake is so outstandingly delicious that they want the reciepe ….. and I can’t give it to them. I told them they would have to order the fruit cake from Bernie. Boy O’ Boy they were “HOT” of course these are the women in the office. Thanks Bernie for making me the favorite at the office due to your delicious Fruit Cake. Awesome It Is….. I need business cards…

Deacon Richard C. Rowe

Here’s what I have to say about your goodies Bernie.
Everything that Bernie bakes is delicious and looks beautiful. Her brownie bars have been served at our company functions and everyone raves over them. I’ve also had her red velvet and strawberry cupcakes for a baby shower and they were amazing. I’m looking forward to ordering some of her items for my Thanksgiving meal. My husband wakes up every Saturday morning and goes to the Goochland Farmers Market to enjoy one of Bernie’s treats for his breakfast. This is baking like my grandmother used to do it.

Marie E. Maitland

The sweet potato bar is so unique…..never had anything like it! The crust has an interesting texture — very tasty — and the sweet potato filling was very delicious with the perfect blend of spices. I highly recommend it!


We LOVE Ms. Bernie’s ginger bars and have been a huge fan of them for years now! They became our regular treat at the farmers’ market when our children were babies. In fact, our son, who is 5 now, chose a ginger bar cake for his 3rd birthday. We cannot go to the farmers’ market without seeing Bernie and getting our son some of her ginger bars. He eats one as soon as we get them and the look on his face is pure joy. They are absolutely delicious! Thank you Bernie for making our day brighter with your talent!

Sara, Dan, Jack and Avery

Bernie made a cake (Carrot Pecan), chocolate cupcakes, & rolls for a family gathering. All of the baked goods were delicious! People commented that it was the best carrot cake they’ve ever had. I highly recommend!

Kirsten Adler